Computer Repair

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Computer Repair Rates

Please note - these scenarios will not depict all situations. Our goal is to charge a fair price for our expertise and professional services - we will always be straight up with you regarding the cost of your repair.

Please feel free to call us at 602-515-1733 at anytime if you wish to discuss a new or existing repair. Thank you.

On-Site Service (We come to you):

Homes: $80/hour

$80 minimum, no trip charges, billed per quarter-hour after the first hour. Our capable technicians can usually resolve most issues within one hour (per computer).

Businesses (and Home Offices): $100/hour

$100 minimum, no trip charges, billed per quarter-hour after the first hour.

We also offer the following flat rate repairs* **:

Reformat and Reinstall ($120 per computer) - includes the following:

All of the above plus the following data save features ($180-$199 per computer):

*Please Note: If you do not possess recovery disks for your computer, an additional charge of $20-$40 may apply.

** Flat rate repairs require us to take temporary possession of the computer. This is how we are able to offer the lower than hourly rate, because we can be working on other things while your computer is working on its own.

Remote Repair Service

$50 first 30 minutes (30 min. minimum), $20 per 15 minutes thereafter in 15 minute increments (no fix, no charge, restrictions apply).

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx are accepted for payment.

Real Reviews from Real People:

Review #1: "David: I referred you to our neighbors Lisa & Jeff they were quite pleased with your prompt service & the work you did. I have your business card handy and will continue to pass your name & number to others."
- Carol A, Phoenix 


Review #2: "Hi David, It's broke again I need your help. "I'll be there at xx time." (And he was) How long David? I'll have it back to you on XX day. (and he did) David at Mobile Tech says and does what he said he would do. No surprises, no excuses, very professional, responsible, reliable. And I trust him because of the way he operates his business." - Ken B, Phoenix